espress yourself

so much has already been said about the blogger meet up-
my favourite part was the sudden aha moment when i looked around, and felt a sense of accomplishment-a few randoms, a few predictables, and great conversation-also contrary to what my brother predicted, no awkward moments-
when people comment on my love for espresso, i always try and explain that for me its not about the coffee- its about the memories i have already formed there and the connections, sharing, that i know will take place there in the future- espresso has managed something no one else has quite so well. it almost begs friendships to develop, relationships to grow, and new connections to be made. the best part as sabeen said is that its our version of the local shop around the corner-
a quote which was a favourite amongst my group of friends while i was at indus-

-our souls remain hovering in places where we once enjoyed ourselves- khalil jibran

espresso, here’s to you

espress yourself

One thought on “espress yourself

  1. Khizzy says:

    i think we’ve all blogged our versions…
    and funnily, all versions are different from each other.
    i documented!
    but i love ur version!
    and i love the quote!
    i will memorise it…because it feels so tight!

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