rambling from germantown

this blog banning is really upsetting- how many things do we have to give up? are we going to be forced into becoming extremists because our hands are being tied, our thoughts are being muffled, and our growth is being stifled? i guess its seems much more extreme giving that i am in the land of free thought-its all a visible stark contrast-we love our country so much, but its depressing when all that passion & love doesnt amount to any big change in how we live our lives. it seems like such a tiny expectation to have the space to think how we want, to be what we want.

interesting observation made by a guy here- he didnt believe i was from pakistan-why-because my english was REALLY good (exclamation) weird na? i told him that all my friends, and most of the people i knew talked the way i did-he couldnt believe it, he asked me if i lived somewhere else and therefore could speak so well-i said no, just pakistan. hehe. this from a desi guy-who visited pakistan last year- i realized the source of his misconception, when he told me he had visited lahore- 🙂

i became addicted to judging amy while in manila, and that became a ritual- watch judging amy-switch off light-let the nanny play on low volume and fall asleep- depending on the day it could be strong medicine instead of judging amy. here i found a bit of interest in grey’s anatomy, thanks to tubs-will definitely follow it up when i get back to laraib heaven.

i go onto the last leg of my journey (almost) on tuesday-have never been to the west coast and have to say i am looking forward to the beauty that people have been telling me about-especially breathtaking views on the highway which runs next to the pacific-how vague does that sound-

hey- have discovered a new card game called mafia which i plan to teach all my friends when i get back, so friends get ready for the new tABOO- it was most entertaining.

bloggersss—-blog—-my daily net reading is suffering.

rambling from germantown

2 thoughts on “rambling from germantown

  1. sam says:

    HELLLOWWWW???????? As a thoroughbred true blue punjabi, I am most offended by your insinuation that we Lahoris can’t speak good angrezi. :/
    That friend of yours is just as big a bigot as most arrogant Karachi walas :/
    Hate the ban too. I can still access blogspot at work though … so yayyyy 😀

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