chicago designed

Chicago is a gorgeous city-with a great design team who is responsible for selecting a design theme every year-the entire downtown area is then artistically accessorized with installations & other fun design elements- the theme of this year seems to have been spheres/circles, and every park area, & the entire strip of Michigan avenue had these either on the ground or hanging from the trees- I thought it was a brilliant idea-the best part was there was no pseudo analytical vision behind it, (what does it mean?) it was just exciting, aesthetically pleasing & good to look at, and there is nothing wrong with that.

We had lunch at this beautiful restaurant called the Grand Lux Café in the middle of Michigan avenue-we managed to bag one of the window tables, which had a stunning view of the magnificent mile. Our order of the grand appetizer platter was too much to finish even for my friend-little piglet. When we walked out, I realized my sweater coat-as predicted by little piglet-was pitifully inadequate for the chilly winds, but the red coat handed over to me by its owner was a size big for me, and it wasn’t me therefore my severe reservations with wearing it-a blast of wind and that settled the matter for me-

chicago designed

3 thoughts on “chicago designed

  1. insiya says:

    of course its possible ladies! – the ‘right people’ need to come ‘together’ and design.

    the golden rule: never under-estimate them karachiites. 🙂

    and its funny cause i hadnt even started reading the post when i saw the picture and pictured karachi lookin’ likt that. 🙂

    just do it – nike style. 🙂

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