so much space-so little space

its been 2 days of displaced thoughts & me/ There is no constant/only randoms/moving images, changing ideas, rapid eye movement/unsettled am i/weirdly the work trip in the philippines seems to have been more therapeutic/maybe its just a matter of getting used to the time zone, adjusting my sleep cycle or maybe its just that after 2 weeks of personal me-time, so many people, so much of family is taking away my sense of holiday?

space is an elusive thing- sometimes with no one around you, it feels like space around you is filled with rich experiences, moments, but sometimes with so much space too, its almost like you are being suffocated-its claustrophobic/you find yourself desperate for some air to breathe in/something to keep you alive/thats when you miss your hours of being alone/of being you/& of cliched-ly dancing like nobody’s watching.

so much space-so little space

3 thoughts on “so much space-so little space

  1. mars says:

    the intersections are quite wide- i think its so that at each end, the cars can see the lights- and turn i really like the way the lights look hanging from the wire-

  2. Mamun says:

    You seem to be having a good time… got my email? Don’t expect an answer, you’re probably busy. Are you plannign to go to NYC?

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