in the land of the free

after 25 odd hours of travel through time & space, finally reached america last night- its -10 here so very free-zing-my all words & no action jacket did not help me much, neither did my stilettos-Its amazing how things work out, when i got off at d.c, i suddenly felt this wave of exhaustion, so i got a porter-the porter apparently had chosen me because he saw my pendant, which had bismillah on it- he was a fellow pakistani from pind-i. he was so happy to see me, he took me out to the airport pickup without realizing there might not be a pick up for me yet- it was bitterly cold- the advantage of listening to his stories about his sisters & mom & the bahut nice american people and their systems, his questioning on why pakistan bad-and we peoples no good at work-was that i made a number of calls from his mobile. he kept me company for 25 minutes-5 minutes of which was an authentic punjabi phone call with his sistah from pakistan.

in the land of the free

2 thoughts on “in the land of the free

  1. insiya says:

    ditto khizzy!

    for all i know khizzy plisss start a company and make me your assistant or something and then we can go around the globe checking if work is going according to plan! or jo bhee! 😉

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