man from stan

heard through the grapevine that there was apakistani who had just joined the call centre- today i walked out of the building on my way to get coffee when this guy comes and stands in front of me- excuse me i have a question for you, so in my mind i am thinking jesus this reminds me of pakistan and he says where are you from. from pakistan i say. oh i knew there was someone from pakistan and a friend pointed you out. i am from pakistan too. i said oh wow really how are you here. so he says its a long story. so i say make it short. he says well i am married to a filipina. aaaaaah it clicked into place and for a mo an evil thought went racing through my mind-married to the maid eh-and before i could catch it and spank it the thought had flown the mind.

so now i sit here with my banana bread remembering stan and espresso afternoons.

on a positive note though, we have to go set up the booth for an event which starts tomorrow and i just heard its in a hotel which has its own mall-famous for shoes- GASP.

man from stan

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