illustrative-the way to go

I was introduced to the music of one cynthia alexander-she is a well respected singer in the philippines & she is an illustrator as well-the cover of her cd is her own work- this is the kind of personal art which inspires me more than more standard forms of art & design- this almost feels like an intrusion into someone’s journal. she reminded me of sabrina ward harrison a bit-her music is very soothing-i am trying to buy a copy
for myself so i can keep the cover.

A colleague here called sam baja co owns a bar across town jointly owned by musicians & artists. Cynthia is one of the owners too. Apparently all
underground musicians (thinking dusk) and other not too mainstream type of artists meet here regularly to jam, connect, eat and drink. many groups have come together here apparently.

Another colleague joey is part of a band called twisted halo-i am now proud owner of 2 original signed cds-one of twisted halo and one of colour it red. exciting na-

illustrative-the way to go

3 thoughts on “illustrative-the way to go

  1. Marvee says:

    its fun to read your blogs…
    your way of expression is mild yet strong –
    passionate about art in all forms..
    its delightful for me to read your blog and relate …having mathematics as a major makes it hard to perceive the environment in a way you do …
    yet the way you write makes it a wee bit easier..

  2. Kat says:

    i love the illustration….reminds me of the grafitti art in NY subway stations! Its a goiod thing thing you went away…atleast we get to see a more updated blog….!

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