official love

I think the last valentine celebrations i had in an organized fashion-as jammie reminded me was 10 years ago- today was another one. It was valentine’s day -THE ROMANTIC GROOVE- for employees at TRG Philippines. They participated in singing competitions, find your heart game, date a managing director & other very loud & hysterical games. All pariticipants got vouchers from starbucks & figaro which i was thought was great. It was really sweet- and hey i met a pakistani guy who has just joined as a call centre agent-name ali-

I had been asked to belly dance- what with being from the subcontinent- but i politely refused claiming my moslem morals 🙂 hahahaa..what a laugh as anyone who has seen me dance will tell you-

going out for a valentine’s day lunch now with my temporary colleagues- i dont leave tomorrow, i leave friday and its actually an exciting thought- i have had a brilliant time here, though i was very stressed about it before i arrived. i keep reminding myself this was supposed to be the stressful part & now i am going for my holiday-

official love

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