developing a private persona

being part of a big family-sharing a room with a sister-never really getting space to yourself, i guess i was mostly always the public me-which wasnt a bad thing-but now, slowly getting used to the hotel suite where its my domain and i am the queen-and as i get comfortable with it, i am emerging from mariam-for-everyone to mariam-for-mariam. I talk loudly to myself, laugh out hysterically, dance across the floor, pose in front of the mirror, sleep diagonally across the bed, or sit quietly without an outside voice intruding.

It makes me believe even more strongly in the necessity of personal space-its considered almost ridiculous the idea that you could need your own private space-those doubting thomases give you a one eyebrow stare-what do you want to do that you cant do around us-and just not bothered with explaining, you keep quiet.

Even if its something as simple as sitting in a chair-or watching tv with the remote in your hand-its importance cannot be undermined and for an individual to evolve into that elusive private person-space is key. I wish it was a matter-of-fact reality which no one could question, so that all the women & men who exist as mere shadoqs of themselves could actually blossom and emerge confident, sure & happy.

developing a private persona

4 thoughts on “developing a private persona

  1. ~meyum & a half~ says:

    ok this is a crash box for all teh comments fromme..
    i read all your posts in one go abhi abhi:)
    you really are vaaaayyyyycaaaatttionnning!!!every bit of M.A.R.I.A.M
    read the mail tooo..its funny i had breakfast with kat and jam today and these were the exact thoughts in my head on my way back..
    found bliss..

  2. jammie says:

    its funny about the private persona because as you go on a high being alone in your room, its funny that i find myself alone in my room for 4 days also with k off to lhe. and its true, again, what you say. no matter how happily married, if you can manage it, you should have your own island of space, that belongs to you and none else. that you canshare or not, at your own free will. although…i still miss him ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. cheries says:

    nothing could be more important in life than an acceptance by people of one’s personal space!
    and a chance to just BE!!!
    im so happy you are getting to experience the magic!
    stay happy!!
    amna cherry ๐Ÿ™‚

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