of strangers & friends

these people here who i dont know very well arranged a night of karaoke yesterday-there was comfort in the strangeness of the company and i belted out quite a few numbers-horribly-including bohemian rhapsody-lost in your eyes-you’ve lost that love & feeling-and it was just the release of energy i needed-the rest of them were pretty good at it, since 2 were actually members of popular bands-we sang for ages & when i got back to the hotel, i was comfortably numb-

the jam called in the middle, and it made me realize however exciting this trip is, i still missed my close friends-i be missing sam’s bday too-

lady in red playing on the radio! managed to get in touch with a family friend’s niece who i have never met but she lives in manila- we planned to meet meet up either on sunday or monday.

oh someone asked me why i am in manila-work trip to make sure the design aesthetics we have set for this company are being followed in this new branch office too-

hey just remembered sam was on her way to KL- why?

oh insiya-ali alam is a funny man-and i am sure he wasnt painting the town red because of me 🙂

of strangers & friends

2 thoughts on “of strangers & friends

  1. insiya says:

    its funny how readin this blog makes me want to get up and take a hike.

    everyone of us need to take a vacation SO badly, some of us are lucky enough to actually… go. 🙂

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