it has to be said-there is something completely mind blowing- major buzz-listening to pakistani music in a foreign environment- today i listened to raat jaagi on full blast and everyone passed by my room looking bewildered & bemused- but it was awesome. Almost like its your own personal language & no one else knows it-

Listening to kajra re now- every scene of the jam;s wedding is going through my mind-wooohoooooooo—-desperately seeking dancing-


4 thoughts on “HIGH

  1. jammie says:

    aw. i miss my wedding too and i miss our mad dancing to defy all the unhappiness that existed. come back soooon and we shall dance.

    since you havent even BEGUN your actual holiday yet, it feels wrong to tell you to come back soooon but what the HALLLL.

  2. insiya says:

    and i was wondering why ali alam was out painting the town red and dancing to his own tunes…!

    Must’ve read your blog! 🙂

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