you say it best-

Our thoughts- so much thought goes into our thoughts, so much analysis, but when you have all the time in the world to think-when your mind is slightly less cluttered, you find it almost difficult to grasp solid thoughts, almost impossible to make realizations of any great standing.

But at the same time you know that what you are doing is storing up on observations, hoarding up on floating ideas, almost selfishly collecting every wisp of emotion & dream, so that when the time is right, you will allow them to form into intelligent sentences, full of the wisdom you unwittingly acquired in those moments of empty thoughts. When in a relaxed afternoon with a friend, you will finally be able to give voice to so many essential insights, so many discoveries you made about yourself & life.

Unsaid ideas-Unspoken words-Unestablished meanings- do we give enough importance to them? Do we focus too much on only the words which make it out into the world? Do we disregard the ones which are so much more potent but are just not ready to fit into a mould or structure of an idea of thought?

Shouldn’t we then let them simmer below the surface, where without much acclaim or fanfare, they continue to affect us, continue to direct us towards become the people we were meant to be?

you say it best-

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