sunday by myself-

the most relaxing sunday i have spent in a long time- last sunday was a crazy one trying to finish everything before leaving-seems hard to believe a week ago i was in good ‘ol karachi preparing for the trip-today was just a smooth jazz kinda day-where you just drift from one setting to the next-spent most of the morning chilling with myself at the hotel. afternoon found me at the podium again.

In honour of valentine’s day, the mall has arranged a performance or a movie everyday in the afternoons-today i caught a famous filipino singer called JED, who sang dont wanna miss a thing, and other lovely numbers. As i sat there, i could actually drown out the crowd, and have my own personal experience with the music-caffe mocha & a butterscotch cookie to top it off.

this post seems like the most forced post ever-but its not. Its just i am still drifting, so nothing too intelligent to say-will probably drift off to sleep now-

sunday by myself-

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