crowning glory

I went to the re-launch party of the crowne plaze galleria manila-it was set up like a boxing ring & the theme was of a new heavy weight who has just become the champion-subtle link to crowne plaze entering the market & also to their boxing champion who just won the title- The best part was the managing director of the chain was actually a part of this entire performance-he was the heavy weight champion- in each corner of the room they had set up one facility of the hotel-the spa, the business centre, the room, their famous chinese restaurant, etc. It was all performed to the music of eye of the tiger-it was great entertainment. They were serving their cuisine specialities to the guests-floor seating with low tables had been arranged with lamps & chinese lights.

Another interesting facet to these people that I have discovered is that women dominate-there is a 60 percent majority of women in the country and that shows in little amenities which are provided to make a woman’s life easier-I guess a woman president also helps. For example, my colleage had her 2 year old daughter with her, and she was there with us throughout-quite a few women there I noticed had their babies with them-Also when we were taken on a tour of the rooms, the woman who took us around also had her baby with her. This I found truly fascinating-that women were not subjected to blackmail-if you cant keep your baby at home, you are not professional and shouldn’t be in this job, kind of subliminal vibe-ology which would have existed in our country.

This girl who is working with me was flabbergasted when I told her there is no walking culture in our country- she pointed out buildings very close to each other and asked me-not even from here to here? I had to say no, not even to the house next door- and the more I thought about it, the more I realized how dumb it actually sounded. I tried explaining it to her but it just sounded lame-I wonder if there could be a walking revolution- force the cheap tapori guys to retreat into their holes-the women are taking over.

crowning glory

3 thoughts on “crowning glory

  1. Anonymous says:

    totally see what u are trying to say. O man thats what i ENVY about the western world.nobody cares abt anybody AT ALL.ud see and observe this in day to day life .even in street!!i often happen to see ppl making out right in the middle of the pavement and its only me(id balme it to my paki blood) who gives a glance and ppl around will be wizzing by like they have to catch a bus or a subway(which they have to in most of the cases)but the bottom line is they just mind their own business.period.but on the other hand theyd stop to help when ever u are in need of one! i love the walking culture too.i love walking from one block to another fro lunch/coffee.ud know its lunch time when hoards and hoards of ppl come outta their offices and walk from one palce to the other.can u even think of doing that back home?even the most educated would be staring at u leave alone the cheap guys!

  2. Khizzy says:

    im so glad uve started blogging again!
    and everything uve described about their woman-friendly lifestyle sounds awesome…didnt we all feel sort of the same walking freedom in india?

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