in manila i am uso

second night in manila-I had dinner on my own in roma mia-in a mall called the podium- I have to say I was great company.

at the office, it was strange setting up a desk which wasn’t my own, so used am I to my own desk at the cherry bowl. I guess such a shift of perspective really helps you appreciate what you have. I love my office and I realize now how proud I am of myself and amna. I can see tall buildings from my office window, & when I walk out, right opposite one entrance is my hotel, and opposite the other entrance is ortigas avenue, which has all the office buildings, lots of cafes, ristorantes & bakeries. What is interesting is they have lunch at 11 30, and dinner at 6 or 6 30.

tomorrow I will venture further & explore some more areas. I have been invited to a Filipino church wedding on Saturday for which I have no clothes, and on Friday a colleague here is taking me shopping. Sunday I will head for the biggest mall strip here called green belt- yayyy.

i was told by one colleague that my dressing style was very “uso” which means its in-

i am uso.(pronounced oooso)

in manila i am uso

One thought on “in manila i am uso

  1. Sdit. says:

    Oh wow…an update =)

    Wow talk about a sudden move! Well we’ll all enjoy living out in a new country through you.

    Is this a permanent thing?

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