calling artists part 2.

The response to the call for all artists to come forward has been amazingly brilliant! Thanks to all of you who I know spread the word and got people to participate-jelly marm J- ok so here’s an update.

A lot of people have responded, left me their e mail addresses etc. A lot of them are actually writers as well, which works well too, since we can pair them up with a visual artist. After some debate, by mutual consent it has been decided that the date for the exhibit should be January 8th, 2006, to coincide with the 3 month mark of the earthquake. This date gives us enough time to really conceptualize.

In the interest of moving forward i am putting a cut off date for participants to register-17th November 2005.

After the cut off, I thought it would make more sense to start a group e mail with the participants so that the ideas can flow, and real magic can begin. We can meet up and brainstorm, figure out direction etc.

So for now, thank you thank you thank you and I cant wait to see what everyone comes up with. Also i think it will be strangely fascinating to meet all the bloggers.

calling artists part 2.

12 thoughts on “calling artists part 2.

  1. Anonymous says:

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  2. vintage says:

    im getting excited. was on a creative high all day and therefore am really really really looking forward to all this.

    one more thing, this may come accross as wierd but what the hell: i fell in love with the painting u have on ur blog, the one with the red chinese lanterns… was wondering whether it would be ok for me to print it out somehow and post it on my tagboard. i simply love it! 🙂

  3. mars says:

    hey meyum & saman.
    leaving a comment here means i have added you to the growing list of interested people. After the deadline-17th november, i will post details-saman if you could leave me your e mail address, my address is

  4. sunshine post says:

    marium..i am the sorry..only came across this thread…count me in?
    i cover two categories:architect/writer

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