calling artists

Continuing the art for a cause discussion, I came across a similar website organized in the US for hurricane Katrina and rita relief. It’s a brilliant site, and I think it explains what I was talking about.

I have developed a vague mini brief for the project, so if all of you could forward this on, and ask interested persons to leave a comment here or on your sites with their e mail addresses. That way we can compile a list of people and kick start it. The details will be worked out and shared once we have a list of the eager artists. People like writers can participate too. It would be interesting to have them team up with a visual artist for a collaborative poster. We should try and hit as many working artists from the community.


for: artists/photographers/graphic designers/illustrators/painters/printmakers/architects/textile designers/writers/

why: for the art community to come together, produce some memorable works of art, and sell them to benefit the relief efforts.

dynamics: the artists will be given a timeframe within which to produce the poster/art design and then all designs will be posted on a website to be sold. An exhibition of the posters will also be organized.

calling artists

22 thoughts on “calling artists

  1. jammie says:

    hussy this looks good. why dont you put down the date we tentaively decided so we have a goal in mind and then we can start contacting people we think will be interested…or vice versa…

    im excited about this 😀

  2. insiya says:

    yesss madam.

    i am in. i am in. i am in. i am in. (i didn’t copy/paste that!)

    p.s. have called all responsible butts to your blog. 🙂 – with a warning.

  3. sidrah says:

    I’m no artist, but I’d loved to provide my services as a writer.

    anyway i can help, i’m just a blog-comment away 🙂

    thank you 🙂

  4. Sdit. says:

    I’d love to be able to participate although I’m not sure what I can offer from 2500 miles away. I’ll check back to see when you have a plan solidified.

    Would love to see something of this sort materialize.

  5. Deep Purple says:

    For now I can only write for you and would love to. or anything.

    After the 20th though, I will have some video footage from muzaffarabad and surrounding regions that my family took there. can definitely pass it to you.

  6. ~meyum & a half~ says:

    how are we going to go about this?
    i can just give in photographs or maybe some people can work together?
    im innnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!:)

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