lets start giving-how & where.

Places to give money/non-perishable items.

PAF museum, Karsaz rd-Initiative taken by Fakhr-e-Alam. Already people have proved their generosity by giving enough to fill 12 C-130s. VOLUNTEERS needed here.

Agha’s-A relief fund stall has been set up.

Hassan Sq-A relief fund stall has been set up.

Geo Mir Khalil-ur-rehman foundation-rom 2pm to 4 pm sunday geo is hosting a telethon to collect donations. You can also deposit money in UBL account no. 01021598-5

Will post more places as i know.

lets start giving-how & where.

3 thoughts on “lets start giving-how & where.

  1. jammie says:

    edhi is obviously collecting also…
    city fm89 is also collecting stuff on their stations….and many areas are setting up places in houses in their own localities to make it easier for people who cant come long distances. so do look around for posters/banners…

    will also let you know as i find out and you can post.

  2. insiya says:

    PM Earthquake Relief Fund

    Contact Mahreen Khan on 92-333-547-5012 at the PM’s Secretariat. Items required include tents, blankets, wheat, milk, sugar, tea, flour, non-perishable items, and basic medical kits containing pain killers, anti-biotics, bandages, and drips.

    [For Karachiites] Sunny Medico (DHA Phase 1) has agreed to provide Nestle water at cost. A quilt and pillow place in Gizri provided quilts at a discount and also threw in 3 quilts for free.

    [For everyone] Ask vendors to provide discounts so more items can be purchased.


    Please help. We are doing relief work through reliable community based organizations, SUNGI and OMER ASGHAR KHAN FOUNDATION. Have already sent a C 130 with 500 tents, blankets, medicine and cash today to Ali Asghar Khan. To sustain this for the next few weeks, we need donations and to spread the word. Call Samar Ali Khan on 92-300-822-3223 or Tammy Haq (who is already in Islamabad and will be there till Thursday) on 92-300-820-7143.

    The CityFM89 campaign will be confirmed by the afternoon.

  3. insiya says:

    CityFM89 is selling ‘Make 89 Differences’ wrist bands for Rs. 100 to collect money for The Citizens Foundation’s Earthquake Relief Fund.

    There are 6 thousand bands, and we hope to gather 6 lakh rupees for the victims of the earthquake.

    These bands will be available through employees, RJs, at the stations and at various public points through Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and Faislabad. Look for our people in your city!

    No band should be bought for more than Rs 100.

    For more details you can email me on insiya.syed@cityfm89.com

    Please, help us make a difference.

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