WOW-its done. The launch went really well. The evening was so different, that at one point i actually felt i was the odd one out, a desi caught in the middle of all those europeans. I didnt know we had so many of them-but each very sweet and very friendly. It was refreshingly interesting. I met one absolutely gorgeous britisher from islamabad-he was incredibly cute. Met the italian consul general and his wife who was a sweetheart.

It was such an unreal feeling being in karachi, with something so major happening, and i was there but my friends werent. It was a little incomplete not seeing those familiar faces when i turned around-a few reassuring looks, a few recognizable expressions of support. I missed them all.

On the bright side, we have a new place to frequent and call our own and tomorrow when we go out for coffee, we can actually say, hey where should we go, espresso or costa?


13 thoughts on “rush

  1. BBCD says:

    ok so hit me on the head for being a bit stupid, but to me all this cute excitment about a new coffee house is really rather amusing, i guess i didnt realise i was so spoilt for choice :oS

  2. jammie says:

    bbcd you wont get it because you havent seen the culture change here the way we have in the past 5 years. we are part of the change which makes us high everytime we manage a success like this. funny thing is a friend of ours had this same conversation with us yesterday as well…about our overzealous excitement for a plain ol coffee shop…but you see…it signals so much more…

  3. BBCD says:

    jammie i havent been back home in ten years, so im looking forward to seeing for myself what all the fuss is about this winter InshaAllah.. lol saying that youll probably want to hit me on the head again as ill probably think/say “is that it?” LOL :p

    but.. coffee house or not, there no place like home. 🙂

  4. Anonymous says:


  5. Anonymous says:

    i appreciate ur efforts in the making of this coffee place…but then its jsut a coffee place..ever wondered hows it going to be helpful to most of the ppl out there or our city? we DONT need coffee houses we need some one to design and be creative abt making karachi a clean and a better place..i mean u dont want to pay like 400 bucks for a cup of coffee to see garbage lying right outside the shop and small kids begging..which is the case with many of the shops at zamzama…huh

  6. Anonymous says:

    jammie iam sorry but this is not a success..BTW how far has this cultural change been helpful in making karachi a cleaner or a better place…how can u get a high by just making few hip/trendy places for the rich to hang

  7. mars says:

    i guess my post might have sounded like the only thing i think is important is this coffee shop-but thats a bit of a blinders-on approach to what i have said. Just because we get excited about this coffee shop does not lessen our passion for the things that NEED to be done. Everyone tries to change things in their own way-this could be just one thing which happened to come along so i wrote about it, but that does not at all mean i dont think other things need to be done and that i dont think aboiut ways to accomplish those.
    Its not one or the other.
    Costa coffee does not mean the end of other great projects-improvement plans etc.
    We are thinking individuals who have great values, and inshallah will always try to make a difference somehow-when the plan comes into being i will definitely post it here 🙂
    so in the meantime, lets just chillll and just enjoy the coffee

  8. jammie says:

    all sorts of culture need developing and just because one is excited about a developing coffee culture does not mean we do not aspire to other developing ideas also. i think mars handled my argument well enough. i dont believe a coffee house is going to change a lot in terms of getting the children off the streets either but look on the bright side, it could house a meeting that changes pakistan one day. anonymous, try to be a little LESS anonymous and judgemental. all this country really needs is people who do more…and lecture less.

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