tell me who are you.

who are you? you who are a part of my country, my existence, my environment but who i dont see existing in it-you who breathes the same air as i, but who does not share in my belief that this air is sacrosanct-you who i have seen while i was growing up, from behind my window on my way to school, but who got left far behind-you who loves this country just like i do, but who loves it so desperately that you want to destroy it-you who i try to understand but cant-you whose actions speak louder than words, but who doesnt seem sure of his words-you who follow another’s ideals, thoughts, opinions, but who doesnt stop to think if they are your ideals, thoughts, opinions-you who like me goes to mc donalds, but not for a burger-who are you, and why dont i know you?

tell me who are you.

3 thoughts on “tell me who are you.

  1. mars says:

    yes actually i do…if only to understand for myself where this who comes from. it stems from a discussion with a friend who felt they were justified in their actions because of the disparity between rich and poor and the differences they are assaulted with so brutally everyday. i dont know if that is a justification but just thinking aloud.

  2. Mr. b says:

    hey – the “who” you look for is all around you!! – You are looking to hard if you haven’t found the who yet. It is not one person, it is not 3 people, it is a sense of desperation around us, it is the poverty on your streets, it is the police man at the traffic light, it is your old woman in rags, those little men outside espresso, that’s who the “who” is mars. Don’t look to hard just scratch the surface and you will see him/her/them and they very clearly –

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