its hard

sometimes the hardest thing to do is to not do anything. you want to scream but you dont-you want to shut off your brain but you cant. what you do is exist like a zombie waiting for the sun to rise again, and the day to come when you wake up and smile looking forward to a new day.
i know it will come-but i will have to go to hell and back.

its hard

4 thoughts on “its hard

  1. Uzma says:

    Well let me tell you that road to hell and back is not one your on alone…!

    But the eternal optimist in me… which let me tell you is now on its last legs…. stills manages to make me feel that the oasis is just over the next hurdle! Oh hold on..mmmmm I think I said the same thing about the last 3 hurdles i just jumped over and not forgetting the one i crashed right into!

    I guess i will keep going until the will to survive no longer burns within me…. then im hoping it will be my time to go!

    Not just yet though there is still alot of trouble yet to cause!

  2. mars says:

    my optimism is actually the only thing which is helping me-however hellish it gets, a litle teeny weeny part of me tells me better days are ahead and i am using all my energies to try and focus on that part. so here’s to our spirit and our passion to survive and live.

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