Dunkin donuts has great muffins. I had a chocolate one and it was a lovely bbc food-burgeoning-out-of-the-case-muffin. I devoured it doing justice to it in pure nigella fashion. Now while I write this, I have visions of a big mug of tea and my sofa. What I am doing though which is as good is listening to dharak dharak-the new bunty aur babli song. It is fantastic. Just the right amount of amitabh flavour and funk. So I say hum chale hum chale, oye ram chandray. By next week I will have watched this movie in India and I will have lots more to sing and dance about. yippeee.


4 thoughts on “random

  1. jammie says:

    seriously the one thing that will get me through the week of printers, deadlines, annoying clients and random shaadi tension. inshallah inshallah, this time next week, we will be…shopping at crossroads!

  2. ~meyum & a half~ says:

    yessssssssss..its teh happeninggg.
    thoraa saaa badall chakhnaaa na..chand say ho kar sarak jati hai..usi pay agay ja kay apnaa makann ho gaaa!:)

  3. Moiz says:

    whoa-not again?!what’s with pakistanis fascination with india???first khizzy & her friends, now U & jammie??lol!khair…have fun…
    I’m an indian,(down under right now) & the last time i was in mumbai was in 1990,yup,i was 8 yrs old)…didnt see much of it then,but i guess it might just be worth visiting,huh?

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