Lets get it on

I got stuck yesterday. Blocked. Or maybe it was the pressure of performing and being judged by people who haven’t yet really interacted with my work. It is so difficult to tell myself that every design that needs to be done cannot be and should not be a masterpiece- a creative feat. Sometimes the hardest task is to stop myself from over thinking, realize the objective of the job and just DO it. There is an almost life-size fear of failure that I find lurking around me-i have not come up with a good concept, the line is so banal, I am just a big pretender, pretending to be a designer when I really am not inspired, creative, good. All these words I try to fit myself in-without realizing the right words will just slide on and be a comfortable perfect size.

It all happens of course when I compare the way I think or create to the designer in HOW-or the illustrator whose blog I love-or the friend whose intellectual process matches mine-and in those moments of insecurity I come out seriously lagging behind. So many times, I focus on the end result with blinding clarity, that I lose track of the process I need to go through to actually get to that brilliant end design solution. In my mind I have a vision of how it should be, but without the foggiest on how I am going to get there. That is where I go wrong. I should enjoy the journey to such an extent that when I get to the destination it is the end I had to/wanted to reach-not the imaginary place of unnatural beauty.

I was talking to S yesterday and he felt that he was lacking drive, energy, motivation, to really get a move on. He knew there were things he needed to put into motion, but was plagued by lethargy-or as I thought a fear of the unknown. When I look back at my own experiences, I can safely say that every time a change has been forced upon me by circumstances, I have emerged with clearer direction, and an improved state of mind-of course it wasn’t apparent when it was happening. I think what we need to do is let go of factors which are out of our control-an award-winning mention in HOW, a crystal clear future, money, and spend time concentrating on the baby steps we CAN take to improve our day to day work/life/relationships. Once the little steps start flowing into a pattern, we will be well on our way-and then wherever we reach that will be our dream coming true.

Lets get it on

7 thoughts on “Lets get it on

  1. jammie says:

    very well written. enjoyed reading something that goes through my mind ever so often except you actually have words for it!

  2. amna says:

    we are on the same boat here. i also realise its worse for you because you feel your work (being more tangible in nature)is more “on trial” at times.
    the anxiety and self-doubt; the fear that maybe the promises made are not going to be delivered; the search for that exact phrase or word that we are certain exists but just cannot grab hold of for long enough to confidently put forward our “expert analysis”.
    at the end of the day though… its what i love. couldn’t imagine doing anything else. that should count for something right?
    being a little scared is always better than being over-confident. also, i know you. you are among the very few who have the insight to learn and grow from every experience life throws your way. resultantly, you might be more comfortable with the “baby steps” but if you trust yourself enuf to let go you have the potential to soar!
    this is no longer a comment but a personal blog of my own. hehe. sorry :-s

  3. jammie says:

    i think cherry bowl should have a blog, now that amnas also inspired to write. 😀
    but its what we said on msn also isnt it mars…sometimes that anxiety that fear CAN be inspiration to do somewhating amazing. depends on how we harness it. and we DO tend to take life as one big design project.

  4. JonyBr says:

    So very aptly put. Friend of mine used to say, u just need to do it once and then the motivational line always works, “if i can do it once, i can do it again”

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