Passionately Pakistani

Lahore was a business trip. Lahore was about meetings, conference calls, and informative discussions. Lahore was much more. It was exhilarating interacting with country heads, an American, a Romanian, and lots of Pakistanis. Each one had a story to tell, and each was an impressive contributor to the success that is TRG. I wanted to jump up at times just exclaim how exciting it all was. The more I learnt, the more I felt I had so much to do, so much to accomplish. It was brilliant-and I mean wide-eyed, glistening eyes, taking it all in brilliant.

We all know how beautiful our country is, how much we have to offer, and what role we can play in promoting its peculiar, energetic, individualistic, passionate, people-so my question is why don’t we act upon it? Lets all try to do one small act which will somehow change the perception of our country. Maybe we can forward an article which we think is an eye-opener-or start creating more Pakistani bloggers to throw the positivism out into the world, maybe design a presentation or a postcard-a purely image building exercise-and send it out.

I find myself more eager to work with these people, to feel like I too am making a difference in some way. I wish other Pakistani companies would inspire their teams & partners to work with such zeal and passion. I wish they would give the same amount of respect, that sense of equality to those who they come in contact with and not be on a constant mission to prove their superiority. I wish they would understand how important it is to share-share information, share opinions, share work, share share share. I wish I could see more employees as satisfied as the ones I see at TRG.

I wish I may I wish I might…

Passionately Pakistani

One thought on “Passionately Pakistani

  1. meena says:

    i did an entire thesis on positive pakistan remember? 🙂 maybe we can do a series of postcards and build on rukaiyas idea of beautiful pakistan.. or if we put together a photo-essay i can get it put in some paper… we could maybe even make a small supplement on it and get it sposored by big companies… im game.

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