should we pull or carry?

If you happened to have obtained your primary education from a convent school then chances are you are the tomAAAto variety-an exact opposite of the tomAYto type. It is interesting but a simple inflection change in pronounciation can mean a complete lifestyle change. I have been involved in an ongoing discussion about what the little suitcase, which has wheels taken on board the aircraft, is called. Some of my friends with the same schooling as me but with more AY influences, call it a carry-on-which in my mind completely forms an image of the all-american traveler with his twang-while others go blue in the face insisting they call it the-little-suitcase-with-wheels. Are you buying it?

I being the staunch AAA supporter call it a Pullman, which is what I have always heard it being called and which I will always call it. As one friend says she automatically visualizes me pulling along a little man at the airport, but be that as it may, a Pullman it is. As I mulled over this, I was browsing for shoes and on the guess website I came across yet another word for this little-suitcase-with-wheels. This is priceless and beats all men being pulled along or carried on. A TRAVEL ROLLER. Phew, now that’s a tough one. I am taking my travel roller. Have you packed the travel roller? How heavy can my travel roller be?

Am I a Pullman type? Are my friends the carry on type? And who can possibly be the travel roller type? If anyone has any interesting names to add on, this could get more interesting. AAAAAAAAAAAAa.

should we pull or carry?

5 thoughts on “should we pull or carry?

  1. Anonymous says:

    i think u guys have the wrong def of a pullman and a carry-on. A carry-on is something u carry with u onto the plane, be it a purse, bag, or a PULLMAN.. yes i said it– a pullman. A pullman is a suitcase which has wheels on it (large as well as the small ones). If u check-in a small suitcase-with-wheels, u can no longer call it a carry-on. On the other hand, if u choose to take it with u on-board, than u can STILL call it a Pullman, but most people call it a carry-on 🙂


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