passionately imagine, inspire me.

No electricity for the last 7 hours and no hope for a quick fix. As I try to entertain myself by figuring out what creativity is, I find I have to be extremely creative to keep my mind alert and on the subject. Though sitting in the dark is one of the greatest sources of inspiration-when the body cannot distract the mind by being active, mental power is sharpened with its steel edge rapidly cutting through one idea after the other. The words inspiration, creativity, passion, are words which when pronounced should shout out their meaning loud and clear. They are not timid words, not words to be droned, not words which can be used to hide behind. So when I hear people talking about artistic freedom, creative thought, and inspiration with a voice which is betraying their dishonesty, I wonder who they are fooling.

Can creativity, ingenuity, imagination, originality be applied scientifically like a theory? Can they be broken down into little pieces, explored, understood, and then once put together be the property of any and every random individual? Can we be anything less than vehemently passionate when it involves all our seductive senses? It is a battle to continuously fight rebel forces trying to structure us, harness our creativity and neatly place us in a box-where we must exist churning out work of brilliance, logging hours to prove our effectiveness.

To these people of little imagination, I say stick to your side of the turf and don’t intrude into areas of which you know nothing of. Talk to us, don’t talk at us. For our erratic work patterns, don’t appear smugly superior. Pick our brains, but not our mind. Get inspired by us, feed off our zsa zsa zu, but don’t drain it out of us. If you can’t add to our positive karma, don’t mix into our vibeology. One minute of the right company can rejuvenate us, give us a heady rush of ideas, and one second of the wrong company can turn us off so completely that to recover would mean lots of damage control.

If you expect us to be brilliant, keep your inanity inside, don’t let us see it, don’t speak and don’t for god’s sake try to preach to us about the ‘structure of creativity’ the ‘theory of imagination’ the ‘scientific breakdown of inspiration’ We cannot be labelled so don’t call us names invented by your own limited minds. One word cannot begin to describe us. One feeling would leave us gasping for air, suffocating. One idea at a time would be confining us to an average life. We must be a 1000 feeling words simultaneously, we must soar free without restrain in our imaginary world so that when we come down to earth we are liberated, inspired, stimulated, enticed, titillated even. We have to nurture our soul, feed it for long hours, and only then does our mind act, react. Our hearts are our nerve centre-what we do must come from there, or not at all.

passionately imagine, inspire me.

3 thoughts on “passionately imagine, inspire me.

  1. amna says:

    yea… remember u guys bristling at the speech. found it boring and VERY uninspiring too. but this SURGE of anger is quite a surprise. esp from a person like you!
    i remember thinking then too that i’d want to discuss the way u two were reacting later on… just for insight on my end on the “creative” mind.
    should be interesting… let it be known tho… that i DO NOT believe being creative means being judgemental of others capabilities…

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