That perfect rainy day

I remember one rainy day a couple of years ago where it rained so hard with such majestic beauty that whatever we did seemed not to do justice to the rain. The rain flooded roads, floated cars, stranded people, but karachiites came out in hordes to drive through the canals with windows down, music blaring, all set to enjoy the festivities. It was the perfect day for reading a great book-one of those feel-good-all-is-amazing-in-the-world type of a book. I ran out of work, spent an hour getting home where I got a brilliant surprise. The newly released Harry Potter: The order of the phoenix. A friend had bought it for me and dropped it off. I spent the entire afternoon, evening, night, listening to the rain and reading my precious new book. The happiness it gave me is not explainable-it was sheer joy.

It is raining again today not with the same power but definitely the same yearning for the perfect book to curl up with in a chair with a hot mug of tea and a blanket.

Eeading ‘The Maltese Falcon’
Listening to ‘Here with me’ by Dido.

That perfect rainy day

One thought on “That perfect rainy day

  1. sam says:

    I remember that day. It was July 2003. I remember getting drenched as I stopped at Schon Circle to pick up The order of the phoenix.
    Amazing weather even though I didn’t have electricity for two days.

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