a little flu-ency in relationships

I have the flu; prolonged by lack of antibiotics according to my business partner, and lack of excitement according to me. The days seem to be weirdly similar with nothing to really wake up to. I don’t seem to be jumping out of the bed-or even close to it-eager to face the world. I definitely don’t seem to be going to bed with inspiring thoughts of the next day’s agenda. Am I going through a pre-mid life crisis? A crisis of major proportions considering I have a company to co-run and a partner to inspire. We have been discussing our next step, with many reservations. I have realized that in any partnership/relationship, so many assumptions are made; so many myths are hovering around, that to move forward in any way we must continuously fight to retain a hold on reality. What we tend to do is base actions on what we think is true of the other person-I don’t think she will want to do this, I know he is thinking x,y,z, so why bother asking, she wont understand, he should know me-without questioning what we know.

It is imperative to question, to re-learn, to re-understand, to know again what we think we know, to ask the other person before judging them, or writing them off. If the relationship is to move forward then well-timed getting-to-know-again sessions are essential. In my own relationship when I have been busy, or she has been involved elsewhere, when we both have been giving little priority to working as a company, meeting daily, interacting, communicating, that is when the problems arise. That is when the confusion reigns supreme, and suddenly we start doubting everything including whether we should even continue as a company. These moments of low are made worse when I switch off.

As an intelligent creative woman I need to be able to turn my switch on-I should not need someone to do that for me. This is what came to me, this afternoon, in my incidal initiated sleep. When I woke up things were clearer. Being women of today, we take on a million roles, we are our own best support system. If we can be innovative and proactive in our methods of pursuing someone we love, something we desire, then we can definitely be inspirational in igniting our own fire, our own passion to live fully, and to go ahead with all guns blazing.

a little flu-ency in relationships

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