wise men say

Having gone through rough roads of their own making, 5 individuals came together at just the right time, looking for nothing more than conversation, expecting nothing except relaxed encounters without intensity. They hit it off. Each provided degrees of inanity, serenity, madness, hyperactivity, thought. Each needed to be. No questions asked. It seemed to be without direction, this slowly developing relationship. It seemed not to need any pushing, any peddling, any power.

It just was exactly what each of us wanted and needed. All 5 of us.

Maybe that existence was of our own making, and maybe each of us was existing in our own peculiarly different reality. Maybe. I like to think that we knew how special it was-that complete affinity we had as a group of thinking individuals. I would like to believe we, each of us, knew the unmentioned connection. As I write this, I hear the movie fools rush in outside on the television-so it seems apt to say that there were signs everywhere. God was showing us clips of how things could or should be-relaxed and completely natural, without forced laughter, without so much thought the thought stopped having any meaning.

It was the most lovely experience with so much expressing, there was never anything left to explain or say. As with every happy time the change must come, its just designed that way. For 2 of us the change meant a more joyous place where they understood the signs and gave in being friends for being much more. I am ecstatically pleased for them, my faith is renewed and I am a little stronger in my belief that things do happen for a reason, whether we understand them or not. Here’s to K with some jam. A Caffe mocha here, and a banana bread there, a strong cup of perfect coffee and a chocolate mousse cake, a barry white track, a louis Armstrong single, some Belgian chocolate, and taboo-all ingredients for romance. As the movie approaches its happy ending this song plays and I want to dedicate it to all the fools out there.

its now or never a whole new time. Kiss me darling, be mine tonight…tomorrow will be too late…its now or never.

wise men say

One thought on “wise men say

  1. jammie says:

    im rereading this post a year later and feeling misty eyed. i think to-date, its my fave piece of your writing for the honesty and truth and magic it holds. love you. youre in the philipines right now and i miss you hussy.

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