It is the most fleeting of feelings, but the most vividly remembered of moments. That buzz-zing-zsa zsa zu-heart racing-of knowing the sudden inspiration which hit is one of those rare big ideas. Now you don’t need to think, you just need to do-let it all flow. It is a satisfied humming which you can hear in your mind coursing through your body, pouring out of your fingers onto the paper/computer. At that moment it is crystal clear and your confidence is booming, convictions running through your mind of why this idea is going to lead somewhere big.

Just as suddenly the bubble is burst, and reality in the shape of your client has entered the dream. He has absolutely no interest in having the greatest idea of all times translated into his design. He wants a regular idea which looks like it’s a part of the crowd, which looks like you’ve seen it somewhere, which is sure to not get negative feedback forget about positive. He has no aspirations to create a landmark in design & he doesn’t care if you do.

What do you do? Do you start doubting yourself & your design? Do you wonder why you ever thought it was that good? Do you get a brain freeze?

Here’s what you should do and that involves neither of the above. Trust yourself. Know that if you felt the strength in your convictions then you were on the right path. If the client doesn’t get it, you put the brilliant idea on the side, work on a new idea for him, and then come back to your original idea-work through it, see where you can go with it, look at the end result. You can use it for your feel-good-moments. You can print it and send it out to friends, clients etc as a direct mailer. You can decide that the entire process of producing that piece was the actual art and it’s the journey which matters. This is where we come to an important point.

Each design/idea/inspiration we explore should be for the fun of exploring/design/thinking it. Creative individuals like you and I sometimes spend our entire careers producing work for the satisfaction of others, without realizing that this is our creative journey and each day we spend working on a design/idea/thought which is not essentially, honestly what we take pleasure in, is a day wasted.

Creating art which we love and enjoy is what the world needs even more than a working design, perfectly correct and functional. The world needs more whimsical creations produced from the heart in those fleeting moments of brilliance or the not-so-brilliant moments of everyday design. People around us need to share with us in our wonderful existence of colour/ideas/thoughts/art/design/writing where we jump from one medium to the next searching for the right expression.

We need to stop being scared of judgement and fearful of approval, and just throw our design out into the world for others to look at, make a part of their life, and send out again, subtly changed but more powerful-vibrating with energy and good karma.


2 thoughts on “buzzed.

  1. Zahra K says:

    Right at this very moment in the middle of my first project whith a client i feel like im lost and that my brain has stopped working or thinking…. and then i read this article of yours i actually feel better about myself 🙂

  2. mars says:

    hey..i dont have your e mail address, otherwise would have replied to you properly…not sure if you will check this. I have another idea in my head which i will be writing about-you might relate to that too.

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