is it too late?

to re capture a feeling, to invoke, to discover, to promise, to love, to giggle, to make peace, to do laundry, to smile with both eyes, to see yourself in someone’e eyes, to dance, to soar, to jump with joy, to blindly believe, to pour your heart out, to laugh uncontrollably, to sleep without dreams, to dream with open eyes, to speak without thinking, to pause, to absorb, to breathe, to fight for who you love, to get a second chance, to give a second chance, to be who you want to be, to scream, to fall knowing you will be caught, to break free, to love without a happy ending, to smile, to laugh, to believe, to know that what you know is right, to trust your instincts, to yearn, to bring the passion back, to make the bells ring, to skip, to say enough, to protect, to love, to live, to sing without words, to take a risk, to love him.

is it too late?

2 thoughts on “is it too late?

  1. Cocaine says:

    Its never too late – I believe that life is not a function of time, if life were to be written as an equation then time would be that constant that makes sense out of everything else.
    The things that hold us back are sometimes the other weird dependicies in life – the question is, when and how we can break free of these dependicies. The moment we do, we would have all the time in the world to do whatever we want.

  2. Cocaine says:

    Why a Pakistani you ask, as odd as it may seem I was born and raised there (I am quite a sucker for a sarcasm). Why homeless, its really simple – my family lives in the US and I dont have the valid papers to get there. At the moment I am completing a masters Degree in Canada, once thats done, I have no clue where Ill go! 😀 Quite a situation eh!
    If home is where the heart is then Pakistan is surely my home, but in terms of a real physical house – I dont have one! But trust me the situation is not as bleak as it sounds, I dont know why it ends up sounding more dramatic than it really is.
    As for supporting Kerry, everyone has a right to their own opinion – I think they are both opposing sides of the same evil coin. Id rather be with the evil that I am familiar with than with an unknown evil.

    Thank for dropping by my blog as well. It was a pleasure to hear from you. Have a wonderful time.


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