its a game of tetris

Mom has been gone for 2 months, and time which I thought would stand absolutely still just as a rebellion against a ramzan without mom, practically flew by. I had imagined hardly a ripple of movement in our existence without her, but so many little events of great magnitude happened-visits to sami, khalid’s room hang out scenes, discovery of lets-do-coffee-at-mariam’s, and the crème de la crème;let’s express-that life is not what it was 2 months ago.

Sometimes it feels like life’s reality is like a giant game of tetris, where new instances keep coming our way, and we move, adjust, adapt, accept to fit it all neatly into one constantly evolving plane. Just when you think life is saturated with experiences, overwhelmingly overflowing with thoughts, ideas, emotions, people, something gives way to allow a new presence to find a nook or cranny to comfortably settle into.

Unlike the game, where we must fill all empty spaces to score high marks, life requires us to be slightly more careless. We have to leave some spaces empty on purpose, laying out the welcome mat for those unpredictable bursts of joyous moments and discoveries, allowing them to make themselves feel at home, spread their legs, get comfortable and stay as long as they want.

its a game of tetris

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