little things-big things

We went to meet an ad man for some potential business ties-he was going to help us work out new media deals. He walked into the room, and the first thing my eyes focused on were his 2 strips of unshaved, unwaxed hair under his eyes, on his cheeks. Almost tripping over itself, the thought came to me, this man was a bit off. The next moment I shook myself and tried to focus on what he was saying instead, but nope, the hairy monsters beckoned and I remained riveted. On retrospect it is quite sad, that my entire opinion of a guy could be based on something so frivolous. Maybe it had to do with the entire discussion on unshaved hair lines we had yesterday during the taboo session-where the guys agreed no one could be that lazy or that scared.

I am thinking of the countless times I went to meetings with less than perfectly waxed arms sporting half sleeves or three quarter sleeves quite jauntily. I wonder how many impressions I spoilt, how many wrong opinions people formed of me, and how many correct. Was I on more than one occasion written off as a slob who fights for feminist rule, and thinks all men need to be slaughtered-kill them all? Or were people kinder to me and looked beyond that and saw my well kept hands, or my smart outfit or actually listened to my intelligent mind?

My mind is shamed a little into admitting I might have been too hasty to write him off, and should give him another chance. My heart-aah-now that’s another story. The image is permanently fixed and he has no chance of making it into my world of the cherry bowl.

little things-big things

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