if you fear something enough you can make it happen

How big can a fear be? Bigger than the pain, bigger than the object of fear, it keeps growing till you jump out in front of it, and challenge it. Till you look straight into its eyes, it will not back down. It will become bigger than your imagination-an all consuming, irrational, immeasurable fear. When we allow it to envelop us in its blackness, we are doing that only to hide from an insecurity, to use it as a comforting security blanket. What we don’t want to face becomes a fear. The trick is to break it down into little simple pieces which are easy to swallow. Think of the worst thing that could happen, and once you know what that is, think of how silly it is, how little. Once you get back the control, the feeling of I-can-do-this, the fear vanishes into thin air.

Watched ‘Sylvia’ today. I remember when i read ‘The Bell Jar’ there were times when i felt my throat was constricted, the air around me was growing stale, and i was suffocating. That feeling of someone tightening the knot around my neck was so strong, i felt the burning stinging sensation in my eyes. Then too, as now, i wondered how one person grows into a tortured, anguished soul constantly looking for release and escape, and the other remains calm. Why was she in such agony her entire life, and why am i or you not? I just wonder where the distinction comes in. Sometimes i have to question extraordinary intelligence and intensity. Is it really an asset or just a burden one carries throughout life? Right now just the thought of feeling so strongly, emotions struggling to stay within, is tiring. After a certain age, do we need consistency more than passion? Do we need comfort more than raging hormonal love?

I dont know the universal answers, but i do know that though i need consistent support and love, i also need the passion. Though i want to know the dynamics of loving the person i love, i also want the spice of the unknown-the constant newness of discovering more and more.

if you fear something enough you can make it happen

One thought on “if you fear something enough you can make it happen

  1. jammie says:

    mariam, dont you think passion comes before consistency and love – coz love will eventually evolve and there is no such bird as consistency in life; what will forever act as the glue is your passion. not necessarily only physcially speaking but your passionate desire to hold on to that one person or the feeling he evokes. one can always in moments of bleak despair, turn to that as the true warmth of having once been there. and knowing you were at the very least capable of it.

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